Poetry has a deep rooted symbolic place in Indian history. It has long been used to inspire and cultivate social consciousness in the masses towards problems facing society. The inspiration provided by Vande Mataram during the freedom struggle is one such example. Today, ecological redevelopment and regeneration are key issues facing our society. To that end, we are giving you the opportunity to write a song/poem in your own words. The goal is to create a song/poem that captures the most pressing environment challenges of your community and inspires people to take action. The poem/song can be in any language and any style from Lok sangeet to rock/pop. There are many attractive prizes to be won and 3 winners will get to perform at an exclusive event in front of 1,000 spectators.

Competition Period: February 20 to April 20, 2018




Are you a School student who is aware of the problems faced by your local community? Do you want your voice to be heard by the adults? Here’s your chance to become the next Secret Superstar. Upload your poetry or song in the GreenTUNES competition and save the environment. Prove that you can make a difference. Not only can you perform in front of 1,000 people, but also win attractive prizes.



Are you a college student who thinks about the future? Do you want to do your bit for saving the environment? Here’s your chance to become famous. Upload your poetry or song in the GreenTUNES competition and be the next famous celebrity. You will stand a chance to make an appearance in front of a 1,000-strong stadium crowd to showcase your talent and also win attractive prizes.



Are you a concerned homemaker? Do you often think about what kind of a world we are going to leave for our children? Well here’s your chance to do something about it. Upload your poetry or song in the GreenTUNES competition and don’t just save the environment but prove to yourself as well that you can make a difference. As a reward, You can perform in front of 1,000 people and also win attractive prizes.



Are you a musician on the rise? Do you want a platform to showcase your talent? Well, we are looking for you to raise a voice for our environment. There is an audience waiting to hear you. Just upload your poetry or song in the GreenTUNES competition and get on to the fast-track to stardom. Besides making a name for yourself,you will perform in front of a 1,000-strong stadium crowd to showcase your talent and also win attractive prizes.



GreenTUNES, sponsored by Sapat Group, presents a special opportunity for our musically talented retailer friends and their families. Write a poem or song on an environmental problem in your area and inspire people to take action. You will not only get a chance to present your talent at a live program with over 1,000 audience, but also get a chance to WIN ₹ 1 Lakh cash prize, 10g and 5g gold coins, (prizes in the open category) plus special retailer prizes for every zone, and special prizes for children from our trade partner families. Please ask your Sapat stockist or sales representative for details. No purchase necessary.


WorldCAN - An Overview


WorldCAN is an initiative from the larger scientific and sustainability solutions development efforts at Lifel (
The WorldCAN initiative is designed to bring long-term thinking in the governance and management of environmental resources, which is often missing in our current political and governance systems.
WorldCAN addresses this problem by bringing children and youth into environmental governance and management. Children and youth have an inherent self-interest in protecting, nurturing and growing environmental resources in order to safeguard their own future. WorldCAN empowers youth and children by spreading awareness and constructively directing their imagination and enthusiasm in developing technology-led, cost-effective local solutions for the community’s most pressing environmental challenges.
Could children and young citizens play a role in the management and regeneration of a community's environmental resources? Join us in this unique initiative and help develop a vision for the environment in your own community.

Lifel is a non-profit that fosters the development of innovative models for holistic sustainability between our economic, ecological and social systems. Founded by Dr. Nikhil Joshi, Lifel combines cutting edge science, organisational design and solutions development. One of the important research and solutions development initiatives at Lifel has been to develop systemic solutions to enhance synergies between economics and ecosystems (



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